That’s a great question.

Chiropractic works immediately. At the exact moment we adjust your spine, stress is released from your nervous system, body structure, discs, blood vessels, glands, muscles and internal organs.

At that moment your body is getting more balanced, more blood and fluids are flowing to your brain and body parts, your nervous system is better able to send messages and you can better handle stress; your posture is more balanced and hundreds of other things are different.

When people ask that question they are often really asking “When will I get better?” Patients want to get better and feel great right away. Sometimes that’s exactly what happens – a problem of longstanding duration clears up after one adjustment. Sometimes it takes a few adjustments, sometimes longer, sometimes a condition never fully resolves.

Why? Everyone is different. We all have different histories and health needs. In some people an adjustment is the one thing their bodies have been lacking. Due to longstanding subluxation damage (spinal misalignment with nerve system defense patterning), healing takes time. In other patients there are more combinations of factors poor enough to prevent them from expressing complete health.

Health is the total sum of how you are and how you are functioning, not just how you feel.

Usually, with Network care, and with a good relationship with their doctor, those few people whose symptoms remain actually progress to where they no longer feel “controlled” by the condition. They may still have symptoms or a “condition”, but they are healthier, they don’t feel “stuck” anymore and they are able to enjoy life and have fun.

We emphasize you consistently sharing your progress and your concerns with us so we may address your unique needs and help you reach your best as soon as possible.

The biggest reason why people do not get the results that they desire in life is that they do not make it a “must”, and are not accustomed to surrounding themselves with the resources and type of support that will allow them to have the result or something even more wonderful happen.

In personal healthcare, they are not accustomed to having a doctor who is really their partner in their quest for better health so they don’t communicate their challenges or doubts in a way that allows the partnership to work together deeply enough to find a better outcome.

This office is different. I have a high value on our relationship, and know from my own personal experiences that when you are committed to having better health and a better life you can utilize personalized care to get much farther than you have ever been before.

It pains me that we often have been so hurt, so stressed or so programmed with negatives that we no longer believe that a freely flowing, healthy and low stress life is possible for us.

We buy into the “fear” model that says that life and health are a constant “battle,” “against” an increasing variety of dangers “out there”, and erroneously believe that the only way to live succesfully is to “stay in control” over these dangers.

Actually, the very opposite is true.

When we allow our biology to change gears as needed, we continue our automatic process of growth, adaptation and renewal in a naturally healthy manner.

Precise spinal adjustments let you release interference in your nervous system so you may “change gears” easily, with your full inborn abilty.

Network spinal “entrainments” allow you to harmonize with that inner life force at an even deeper level.

When you do that, health is natural, your biology works perfectly, you can trust your inner nature, and life works more easily.

Let’s help you to remove interferences in your spine and your life, so that you may experience that more fully.

How long does it take for chiropractic to work?

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