Are you a parent who really wants the best performance, easiest learning and maximum health for your child?

Then take a moment to learn something new yourself, and to notice something new about your child.

First, understand that the brain and nerve system controls and coordinates how we learn, how we express, how our immune systems, organs, muscles, and every part of us functions.

Then notice how many physical falls, accidents and strains, mental/emotional stress and chemicals in air, food and medication your child has been exposed to.

Know that the combination of these forces can overload your child’s nervous system and put it into a mode of survival and high defense, where her/his full ability to coordinate easiest learning, growth and performance is compromised.

Do this simple test with your child (or yourself, in a mirror).

Have him/her stand straight, but relaxed, facing you. Observe the bottom of each ear to see if they are exactly level, or if one side appears higher than the other. Look at the head to see if it tilts to one side. Or perhaps you notice that the head is rotated to left or right, even though other parts of the body are facing you directly.

Do the same for the tops of the shoulders, and hips.

What do you notice? If you can see any unevenness, tilting, or rotation of any part of the body, it is a big indication that the nerve system is in a protective defense pattern, and not fully responding to life information of the now moment. This state inhibits full learning, growth and self expression, and puts organs and immune system in extra stress also.

If you see this, it is important to have your child examined by your Doctor of Chiropractic, who will determine more thoroughly if there is nerve interference present and to what degree it may be compromising function, and educate you on how to best release that.

Also, look at your child from a side view. Is the point directly behind the earlobe aligned with the center of the hip & the center of the big ankle bone? Are shoulders rounded forward, or head pulled forward?

If you do not have a relationship with a Doctor of Chiropractic, seek information immediately. Interview some, particularly those who specialize in wellness care for families. Some offices cater to helping acute injuries heal faster, and some cater more to families who want wellness. Some even use protocols of gentle touch contacts to the spine, as in Network care, which educates your body to release it’s defense patterns without thrusting on the spine at all.

Because so much medical research now says that spinal nerve pressure is the biggest unrecognized epidemic we face, many chiropractic offices will help you with the screening technique outlined above at no charge, as a public service.

Follow up on what you find, and you will enhance the natural abilities of your child to be fully expressed and developed.

May you have many healthy and rewarding times ahead.

– Dr. Jeffrey Lupowitz

Better Performance for Our Children

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