In 35 years of practice I’ve learned that real healing is not the same as “treatment to remove a symptom.”

Healing is more than “temporary relief of pain” that does not address the underlying causes that created the condition.

That too often leads to unsatisfying lives, and greater health problems.

I love this summation of wellness by mentor and colleague Dr. Don Epstein:

“Wellness is more about consistent access to a state of happiness, fulfillment, and a state of feeling relatively invincible, physically, mentally and emotionally, like nothing can ruin your day.”

I’ve learned a great deal about how different people heal differently, and in their own timing, and their own way.

I’ve learned how much the “symptom” is not really “the problem,” but rather just that -a “symptom” of other interferences or “disconnects” inside. A body or soul making a change, or needing a change.

Artificially covering or suppressing the symptom without opening a person to new learning about themselves usually does little to allow that person to feel truly empowered, zestful, fulfilled or excited about their life.

I’ve learned how significant it can be for people to remove interferences and get more connected to themselves, their fuel for life, hope and inspiration.

Often this involves the whole person: your mind, body, emotions, personal chemistry and nutrition.

That doesn’t mean that you must deal with all of that all at once.

I’ve learned that most “chronic,unchangeable conditions”,are just chronically stuck people, who often can and will change with the right support that matches their own inner timing and desire.

And that if you are comfortable with me as your doctor, guide and facilitator, your health, life and enjoyment will steadily improve.

You will find the tools of non force Network Spinal Care, Nutrition Response Testing body reflex analysis, and NVC “connecting communication” to be amazingly powerful tools.

If you are “resonating” at all with what you are reading here, I invite you to contact me for a free 5 minute telephone consultation, where we will establish what support you are really looking for, what your “caution flags” are, whether I can help you at this time, and whether we are “a match” to work with each other.

– Dr. Jeffrey Lupowitz

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