Talks at Lupowitz Center For Health, Peace, and Personal Growth

I periodically host talks at my office on a variety of topics. Such as, achieving greater health and better performance physically and mentally, how to empower yourself for greater healing with less drugs, and living more fulfilling lives.

Call or email for next talk date or to suggest a topic of interest.

I also talk on Network Spinal care as a major tool for personal and planetary healing, where questions are answered and the Network “entrainment” process is explained and demonstrated on current practice members.

Healing Intensives

There is opportunity for people to clear their nervous system with greater depth by experiencing 2 or 3 Network entrainments in the same day, especially without going back to their work or the daily demands that trigger protective defense patterns.

Periodically we schedule a “Healing Day”, usually a Saturday or Sunday, as a time for you to set aside just for this purpose.

Contact us or watch here for the date of next healing day, or you may schedule a day for yourself by contacting us to plan the details.

The Transformational Gate

Once a practice member is under consistent Network care for at least 3 months, they may be ready for a Transformational Gate. Created by Dr. Donald Epstein, founder of Network Spinal Care, this is a weekend devoted solely to your healing, growth, awareness and health of your nervous system.

The format consists of a Friday evening talk on healing and consciousness, 3 Network Spinal entrainments on Saturday and 3 more on Sunday, with optional classes (yoga, movement, breathing) to further support your increased self connection between entrainments.

This, in a relaxed, safe environment of a healing center or conference center, truly supports you to create a big enough change in your nervous system to be called “transformational.”

You may learn more about Transformational Gates and the healing vision of Network Spinal Care at

Public speaking/teaching/coaching

As former host of the radio program “Life’s Magic, Healing From the Inside Out”, I have been a popular speaker for businesses, organizations and religious groups looking for higher function, healthier performance and raising healthier families without drugs.

Some popular topics have been:

  • Handling Stress Better
  • Reducing Dependence on Medications
  • Lowering Health Care Costs
  • Sustainable Weight Loss WITHOUT Dieting!
  • Options For Unresolved Conditions
  • Can Targeted Nutrition Help Me?
  • How Do I Know If My Medications or Supplements Are Really Helping Me?
  • How Can I Save Money on Medication Costs?
  • A Healthier, Less Expensive Answer for Chronic Problems – Digestive (Gas, Flatulence, Constipation, Dark Eye Circles, IBS, Crohn’s, etc.),Heart, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Issues.
  • Non – Violent Communication – The Language of Life and Compassion (How to identify your real needs and hear the needs of others)

Contact us about the possibility of having me speak to or work with your group.

– Dr. Jeffrey Lupowitz

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