Words of some who have experienced Network Spinal Care:

Since receiving Network chiropractic adjustments, my 11 year old has reduced her intake of Ritalin by 65%, improved her grades from near failing to all A’s & B’s, which has greatly improved her self esteem and confidence. Also, both of our immune systems have improved greatly. (6-10 adjustments)

– J.D.

Network has helped me to center myself in the most positive of ways.

– Susan Lamantia, Art Therapist

After my first Network adjustment I matched my best golf score ever on a cold windy day when I usually hurt and shoot much higher. And I didn’t have pain in my hip!

– Sandy G.

After my first Network adjustment I played the best golf of my life.

– Jane B.

Chronic hip and leg pain and a pronounced limp for approximately 20 years. Prior chiropractic care had helped, but never brought him to stability. After a few weeks of care was able to walk, work, sleep and recreate with little or no pain. Stated “I haven’t felt this good in years.

– Harry M.

VietNam veteran suffering from over a dozen medical diagnosis since the late 60s, including diabetic retinopathy (lack of feeling in his lower legs and feet), high blood pressure, diabetic scleroderma, cirrhosis of the liver, and a very long list of medications.
After 1st adjustment his wife was so amazed at his increased ability to walk and move about that she came for an examination for herself and began care immediately.

– David Q.

Low back pain for 12 years. Suffered a bad motorcycle accident and spinal (lumbar) fusion surgery, with no relief (constant pain). Was taking Welbutrin and 3 other medications every day, with little or no help. Noticed immediate improvement with 1st adjustment, and has been pain free with great increase in mobility, energy and peace of mind for months now.

– Scott H.

5 year old with chronic allergies and asthma. Immediate relief of congestion after 1st adjustment. Mother was stunned, so she got checked too. Her chronic pain left after adjustment.

– David H.

Chronic migranes and low back pain for 3 years. Headache left after 1 adjustment and hasn’t returned since.

– Jacqulyn O.

Fractured leg in a fall, and has had leg pain, lower back pain and neck pain constantly for 3 years. Had 1 adjustment and hasn’t had pain since! Very grateful.

– Lisa D.

A medical assistant who suffered chronic low back pain for years. Within a few weeks of care, was able to do yard work all day without pain and without fatigue, which would usually force her to stop after 2-3 hours!

– Joan M.

Saw a picture of a person with spinal subluxations on a piece of literature at the kiosk, and said to his wife “that looks like me.” Came looking for Dr. Lupowitzs’ office the next day. Major depression and low back pain for over a year. Tried several medical and non medical therapies, even previous chiropractic, with no success.
After 2 Network spinal adjustments “felt like himself again” for 1st time “in a long time.” Second month of care played full league basketball game and lead scorers with 25 points.

– Marco A.

Landscaper in chronic back pain for 3 years. Experienced total cessation of pain after 1 adjustment. Moves better, feels good. Is very grateful he can work and live without pain.

– Tony G.

Low back and tingling sciatic pain every night after country dancing, so much so that she couldn’t sleep at night. No pain since first adjustment, able to sleep nights, no matter how long or hard she dances, and finds she doesn’t get sick/dizzy when reading while riding in car.

– Anna B.

These are just a few of the positive changes reported from a few of the people who have discovered how Network Spinal Care allows the body to recover its full natural ability by awakening brain centers through gentle, precise contacts to spinal vertebra.

There is much more healing, appreciation and excitement for life happening for these people, and many others, who are now enjoying wellness as their lifestyle through this gentle, specific, nurturing and life freeing spinal care.

Visit our office, observe people in their process of releasing spinal tensions and how they breathe easier and harmonize with their life rhythms more freely, or consult with us directly.

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Healing story using Nutrition Response Testing


Nutrition Response Testing success story

Wow, where do I start. I have been under chiropractic since I have been 12 years old. Over the course of my years as I have gotten older it seems as if I have been prescribed more medications and having more tests than I want. While talking to Dr. Zac he said I should try you and see if by chance I am a good candidate and you can help me. Praise Jesus you can. I can’t believe the difference in just 3 days that three weeks ago…

The trial was that seven grandchildren, one hubby and 4 adult children went with us to Knoebels. The energy and no pain that I had the entire day! I drove up and back made breakfast for everyone before leaving, walked the park and even at times running with the grandchildren. They remarked “is this our mom mom?” I had told them you and God are healing me. I can’t thank you enough.

So the next morning I thought when I get up I won’t be able to walk one good day in years and I said to my husband and God “lets see” – to my amazement I was NOT an arthritic commercial for any analgesics anymore. I have been on the mend since. I look forward to my daily walk with the dogs, I have more energy. I am sleeping for the first time in years without the aid of sleep medicine or melatonin. NO aches. I am so happy I am finally like the old me – more free and happy with each day that passes.

My husband asked who was the lady in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, singing and dancing? I said don’t you remember me. He smiled and said he himself can’t wait to come and have his first visit with Dr. Jeff. I said you maybe should have started sooner and he said he should have listened to me.

You know we do chiropractic as my parents taught me because you get your car aligned and your body needs it more than the tires on that car. So we both get adjusted Tim and I. My grandchildren have been adjusted at birth. We are very seldom sickly. Now with these standard process supplements I am getting healthier and with Dr. Jeff’s knowledge he is helping me get healthier.

If you as a patient have any questions for me please ask for my number and I would be more than happy to listen to your story and talk to you about mine. I thank my precious DR. Zac for leading me to Dr. Jeff. I also thank you both for listening to me and my body. My tears now are not for pain this old body had but now for tears of happiness as I get back to being the old me.

God Bless all of you as you choose a new healing path.
– Joylynn E. Farris-Thieme

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