Are you feeling pained physically or emotionally?

I can help.

Even with your most chronic physical or emotional challenge.

Often from just a short initial phone conversation, I can point you in a direction that will work for you, and help you find options that would appeal to you. I may even be able to give you a few tools to get started for free, just from our free initial phone conversation.

Ongoing support could be via face to face visits for Network Spinal “entrainments”, or SRI “self connection body care” lessons, or “Communication that Connects” self connection personal coaching.

Or support could be via Skype or telephone sessions of personal coaching or self connecting SRI learning.

I am offering you 1 free complimentary consultation to see if we are a match.

You see, after 38 years of helping people, I now only take those cases that are a match for my expertise.

This meets my needs to have ease, joy, success and fulfillment in my life.

Sometimes the free session makes a huge difference in someone’s life, and I get very excited about that.

Other times we build a relationship and I get to celebrate your success with you. What a blast!

And lots of times the “consultee” refers someone to me who is a really terrific person, or who has struggled for a long time to get help, and when I can help either of those types of people I get a really big high from that, too.

So what have you got to lose?
Click the link or give me a call and let’s help you unlock the sweetness that is hiding under your pain.

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I’ve been there – I know what it’s like to feel pain, and to be frustrated, or hopeless, or anxious and afraid.

That’s how I learned to be such a good empathetic coach – because I know what those feelings are like.

It’s time now that we in healing start looking at the whole person, and really hearing you, and supporting you to find what you can really do for your next step.

That’s why I’m here, and that ‘s what I thrive on.

So again, what have you got to lose?
Click the link or give me a call and let’s find if I’m the right person at the “right” time to help you find more of “you” again.

I’m here for your liberation,

Dr. Jeffrey

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