Nutrition Response Testing™ uses a simple “muscle nerve reflex test” to evaluate the true function of every muscle, bone, organ and system of your body.

We discover those that are actually functioning at 100%, and those that are actually functioning poorly (regardless of what diagnosis you may have already had or not had!)

We are also able to discover which organ or system your body wants to repair first.

We can then determine the cause of the weakness – is it toxic metals or chemicals in your system, a hidden immune challenge, food allergy, or simply an overworked organ that needs a nutritional boost?

Then we can see what exactly your body is calling for in order to heal itself, whether that involves food, spinal adjustments, acupressure, concentrated whole food supplements, or something else.

People love being able to feel immediately during the testing when we find a problem area and the muscle reflex “goes weak”, and then being able to feel that same reflex “go strong” when we find the correct remedy or treatment.

“Tremendous insight to pay attention to what our body is telling us. If, indeed, one wants to heal and discover what one’s body is telling one, this program will help heal you.” – DH West Lawn

Similar to what Network Spinal Care has done in combining major chiropractic methods, Nutrition Response Testing™ is a compilation of various methods of clinical nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, allergy elimination methods and more, that when put together in this way have yielded a remarkably more effective, more laser like system that is much more effective and even allows us to unlock what were previously considered hopeless or the toughest of cases.

This amazing technology is giving friends, neighbors, and many doctors around the world newfound health, tremendous energy, and the ability to enjoy life again with less stress.

In addition, over 50% of our patients lose weight and get stronger, even without coming in for that reason! Those whom are underweight fill out and become strong, all without “dieting.”

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Nutrition Response Testing success

– Dr. Jeffrey Lupowitz

2 thoughts on “Nutrition Response Testing

  • July 20, 2018 at 7:48 pm

    Do you have experience treating cystic fibrosis? If so, what have the results been.

    • July 26, 2018 at 2:05 pm

      Thank you for inquiring.
      Our approach to help people is to focus on removing interferences to healthy function that may be present either in the brain-nerve-body connection or chemical/nutritional realm.
      We don’t treat a disease, but we help the person function at their absolute best regardless of what their diagnosis is, or even if they have no diagnosis and want to live life more fully and more enjoyably.
      I don’t recall tending to someone with cystic fibrosis, but I’ve worked our “improve function” approach with people with other progressive diseases such as MS, scleroderma, and Chronic Pulmonary (COPD) and they have responded really well.
      The intelligence in the body always wants to organize tissue at it’s highest level possible.
      A positive step would be to have us examine the person to determine if they have interferences that we could help them reduce or remove for better function.


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