What is NVC?

NVC means Nonviolent Communication, also known as Communication That Connects, or “The Language of Life“.

NVC Basics

NVC Basics is a 2 day workshop that helps you learn to interact with yourself and others in a way that clarifies, connects, heals, and promotes a sweet synchronicity of life.

Inner frustration, “differences”, and charged emotions, can be transformed to connection.

And that frees you to live more authentically as yourself, more alive, more able to interact with a wider variety of people and situations without wanting to defend, attack, run away, or hide in silence.

In part 1 of the workshop you’ll learn the basics of NVC connection. We’ll discuss and practice the consciousness and basics of the 2 parts of NVC: expressing authentically, and empathy (it’s not sympathy…)

We’ll review and practice 4 components of NVC expression:

  1. Identifying feelings
  2. Hearing needs
  3. Making observations rather than evaluations or judgements
  4. Making requests rather than demands (and how to know for certain which you actually used!)


There’s lots of practice time in pairs and whole group. You will have an opportunity to be heard in a caring, compassionate and supportive way about any difficult situations or “triggers” that come up for you in your life, and you will get to practice expressing yourself authentically about it using those 4 components of NVC expression.

You will get to practice speaking from your heart NVC style and be heard compassionately, and you will also have practice in hearing others compassionately, including learning what to do at times when you may be triggered yourself by the pain they may be expressing.

Role play

In the afternoon of Part 1 I’ll model NVC dialogue in a role play with someone about a difficult situation in their life, and then you will get to practice for yourself with a partner.

At the close of Saturday, interested participants will help us pick a date for Part 2 of this basics course, where we practice these fundamentals more and you learn how to be authentically you while hearing others, in even the most difficult of circumstances.

Part 1: TBA. Contact Us For Possible Dates

When – Registration and “settle in” 8:30 – 9:00 Workshop 9 -5.

Where – At my office “Center for Healing” , 2419 Penn Avenue West Lawn. Entrance is at back of building.

Cost – $125. If you Register with a friend, each of you will receive a $25 discount. (NOTE: Friday evening practice group members will automatically receive $25 discount.)

Sponsor someone  You may also opt to sponsor someone in need by contributing more. We are building a “Connected Community Peace Growing Fund” that allows that to happen.

Volunteer trade agreement – I also have a limited amount of simple work tasks that could be done here as part of a “work for trade” agreement for someone really in need, so if this workshop really speaks to you, use courage and speak to me.

Respond below with your interest level or questions.

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