My professional mission is dedicated to uplifting the health and positive unfolding of ourselves and our species.

Health, healing, new behavior and new function come from inside of us, but is determined by how we respond and utilize stimulus, information and experiences from outside.

My wish is that these pages stimulate you in one or more ways to actions that allow more of your natural innate wisdom and abilities to shine through more fully and joyfully, and that we learn and grow together.

About Care at Our Office

People come here for 1 or more of these 5 main reasons:

  • They experience symptoms or disease that they want to change.
  • They feel stressed or “stuck” in some way and want to deal with it better.
  • They want to prevent health problems before they appear.
  • They want to experience more of their inborn potential – more creativity, joy, better performance, higher natural immunity, etc.
  • They want to contribute positively to their family, community and planet. These people know that freeing the natural vibration of their more whole, fuller self contributes to a more flowing, natural vibration of our community and

Sometimes a friend brings them here, and they are not aware at first of their reason for being here.

Whatever your reasons or circumstance, we welcome you to come and learn more for yourself.

We look forward to your contribution, and to being a catalyst and support for you in your process of growth, learning, healing, increased wholeness and fulfillment.

Professional Mission
My professional mission is to be a powerful catalyst for your discarding of interference to your full experience of life and life energy.

Be aware that while I am serious about your healing and supporting you, I ENJOY being a dynamic, joy-riddled, fun support that fuels your learning, awareness, increased wholeness, awe for life and appreciation of your journey to the outrageously joyful life of your dreams!

– Dr. Jeffrey Lupowitz

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